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Spotlight Series: RunFarWithJake

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Trail and ultrarunning Influencer, RunFarWithJake, lives out his life with passion, and a solitary mission: to inspire.

Self proclaimed, "World's Coolest Trail Dude", Jake does not take his responsibility to his twenty thousand followers lightly.

"I do it all for the people. They need me," Jake explained, when asked about how hard he works daily to carefully curate social updates.

Recently, Jake even hired a full film crew to document his latest 100 mile race attempt, a journey he describes as "heroic" and "unfortunate".

"Well it was heroic because I had the guts to start, but unfortunate because I didn't finish." Jake shared, gazing longingly out of the window of our coffee corner meet up.

"Actually... Hold up, you guys see that sweet masonry work out there? That would make a sick backdrop for my next post. I'll be right back."

Our crew was humbled and honored for the opportunity to witness Jake in action, firsthand.

"Hey guys, whattup, it's me Jake. I just want to remind you today that you are awesome. Okay? Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I believe in you. Go be great."

Jake quickly and effortlessly delivered his strongly worded message of hope, much like we imagine Jesus' disciples might have back in 33AD.

"1000 likes. Boom, "Jake chuckled as he jogged back toward our table.

We were blown away.

Jake spent the remainder of our conversation detailing his plans for a book launch while simultaneously refreshing his phone. He provided some stellar insight into how well his post was doing.

"10 comments already. Wow. You know, if just one person gets up off the couch today and runs a mile, I've done my job well."

As for future running plans, Jake was a bit of a closed book, but he hinted toward exciting chapters...

"Oh it's gonna be big, like Denali big, but... the world isn't ready for that one yet. Hashtag Jake Goes Big 2024, ya know what I'm sayin?"

Oh we know... and we can't wait.

Thank you, Jake. Thank you for your service to humanity, and for taking the time to chat with the TrailBrothers! We wish you luck in all your future trail, mountain, and ultrarunning endeavors.


Disclaimer: this is a satire piece.

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